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He especially loves to snowboard, skydive, and ride motocross. He raced on a professional level but had to retire early due to an injury. When he moved to the states he spent the first year traveling around on a road trip to get a feel for the culture.

Porn in norway gay escort oslo

His main hobby is Motorsports. He has always been interested in cars, to make them faster, handle better and therefore, he has been taking courses to learn some Motorsports-related engineering. He is also a self-proclaimed science and tech-nerd. Over the past five years he has been working as a high end fashion model.

Rent a Date with Cowboys4Angels Male Escorts. - Cowboys 4 Angels

One of his biggest passions is to meet new people. He loves to travel and see new places. He loves to listen to people, hear their experiences, hear their stories and then share his own experiences with them. When it comes to meeting women he is a true gentleman.

Star Magic’s Ascension Tour of Egypt

He forgets about everything else and lives for the moment and loves to make them smile. He has been told on several occasions that he is a sensual being. To request an encounter with Jay , please fill out the form. Once you complete the form, I will personally contact you to confirm your date request with Jay!

I spoke to Garren James, the owner of the agency. He is the absolute sweetest guy and sounds pretty damn hot himself.

Gay escort norway massasje bodø

That conversation set me at ease about this whole concept and set the tone for my date with one of his Cowboys. The plan is set.

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I want to spend time talking about the ways of the world with a man. What is the date going to be like? Will it feel awkward? What will we talk about?

According to his bio, Paul is passionate about getting involved in the community just like me. Plus he is an artist and loves cooking. I would love to be able to talk about our respective work. Men always seem to be intimidated by a successful woman.

co.organiccrap.com/180844.php This time will be pleasantly different. When you rent a date, you rent an opportunity to show a side of yourself that you love but you cannot easily show in your real life. Oh my gosh! I have to decide what to wear on my Cowboys 4 Angels date. What kind of outfit should I wear? Should I go casual, chic, or fancy?

Decisions, decisions. Now to decide on the rest of the outfit that will dazzle him. This part is actually kind of fun! After going through my closet and trying a hundred different options, I have decided to wear my teal dress with the cut out back. The short skirt and glimpse of skin, combined with my heels, should definitely wow him.

Jay's Rates

I walked into the restaurant and immediately spotted this amazingly handsome man staring and smiling at me. I swear to you, for a brief moment, I forgot…I forgot my nerves and got this flirtatious feeling inside of me. Only moments later did I remember he was there for me. For me! This gorgeous specimen of a man was my Cowboy for the evening. Then for a second, I got bashful. No more wondering was necessary, for he took the reins.

He kissed me on the cheek and took my hand in his. He took my coat and put his arm around my waist. It really felt like I was officially on a date. Already, I felt safe with him and connected in a way.

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Silently, I was high-fiving by my decision to rent a man. We sat at a cozy, secluded table for two. There was no need to go through the whole resume-listing exercise that kicks off most dates. We knew we were there to be in the moment. We were there to get to know each other as real people, and that was such a liberating feeling.